Jolley Trolley

All guests heading to the downtown Clearwater events can hop on the Trolleys at the Transit Center or the Clearwater Beach Marina stop and head across the bridge to various Downtown locations including:

  • Park Street Bus Terminal
  • Osceola at Drew in front of the Clearwater Library
  • Osceola at Cleveland
  • Osceola in front of City Hall

Free Jolley Trolley rides with VIP pass

Guests may hop on any of the South Beach and Coastal Route Trolleys as they pass through these areas. Log onto the Jolley Trolley Web-site for information and to track the Trolley locations and times. All Trolleys will run the normal hours of service.

Hours of Service
Friday: 5pm -11pm
Saturday: 12am-10pm
Sunday: 11am-5pm

Jolley Trolley Tracker
Clearwater Ferry

Clearwater Ferry will be running all weekend long and bringing you from Clearwater Beach & Dunedin to Coachman Park to attend all the Friday + Saturday festivities from Baystar Village to Cleveland Street Block Party, as well as from Downtown Clearwater & Dunedin to Clearwater Beach for the races on Sunday! Clearwater Ferry’s schedule is available online.

  • On Sunday, catch the Ferry to avoid crazy beach traffic and expensive parking to see the races.
  • Clearwater Ferry departs from Coachman Park every hour on the half hour and the ride is only $4; and from Dunedin eight times a day and the ride is only $8.

Call for More Informaion

Call (727) 755-0297 or visit for more information, full schedule and all parking options.

View Route & Schedule

Contact Clearwater Ferry:
(727) 755-0297